noi that phong ngu be gai
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I'm pretty much the same age n just purchased the speedy 30. I am soo in luv with this handbag Monokini 

I don't really get offended, but I *do* think it's rude for someone to ask that question. Within the month that I've been obsessing over LV, I've already gotten the question twice. Once was from a guy walking behind me with a bunch of his guy friends (all strangers to me) and he asked the question about 5 times while I walked on and ignored him. Another time, a friend asked me and I just told her "no." Both times made me feel uncomfortable. LV Handbags


I've recently bought a speedy 25 in azur and I'm using it almost everyday, I love it, I mostly wear it with a white puffer jacket and a beige trench, it looks great with grey but I think it compliments also a total black outfit.jadevintage: I love this pic and I love your bag! Louis Vuitton Speedy


Louis Vuitton Store I do all my LV shopping from the LV website since the closest boutique is 9 hours from me. I'm an extremely happy shopper. No problems whatsoever.


Louis Vuitton Speedy here!


Ladies! Keep your fingers crossed for me. I am in love with another wonderful LV evening bag (not on my original list) and I'm just waiting for more pictures of it so I can get it authenticated. She's a beauty and in FLAWLESS condition. Hopefully I will be back with good news! Wish me luck! Louis Vuitton Speedy

 LV Purses Great haul~!! Congrats~!! 

i love the MC but for accessories only. Im not really a fan of MC bags. but the accessories are SO CUTE !! LV Purses